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The Biggest Changes in QuickBooks 2017

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

QuickBooks 2017 has arrived, and with it comes a host of changes. From improved customizations to security changes and an enhanced multi-user mode, Intuit continues to fine-tune its software to meet clients’ needs.

The following new features are available in all Desktop Windows versions of QuickBooks 2017 (Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise):

  • Report customization: QuickBooks 2017 has improved the customization process. There is now a “Show Filters” option that allows users of customized reports to see which filters have been applied. This is useful for customized reports that are shared with others. You can view and print information about what filters have been included in the report, as well as make multiple-record filter selections more easily.

  • Audit trail: New updates in the audit trail report can help you keep track of user changes. Previously, a deleted user’s name would not show up on an audit trail report or would simply show up as an “unknown user.” This made it very difficult to track which user made changes to the file if you encountered a problem. However, the audit trail report now shows the deleted name along with an annotation showing who made the change.

  • More multi-user features: QuickBooks 2017 offers more flexibility in multi-user mode compared to previous versions. The following features will no longer be locked when you are in multi-user mode:

  • Pay Bills

  • Print Checks

  • Scan Checks

  • Link Estimate to Invoice

  • Line Purchase Order to Bills

Other improvements:

  • Record Deposit Icon – If you have open payments, the “Record Deposits” icon shows the number of deposits that are available.

  • Cleared flag on credit card charges – Intuit has added a “cleared” flag/icon to the Credit Card Charges window if a transaction has been cleared; similar to how it is presented with “Checks.”

  • Company name on deposit summaries – QuickBooks now prints your company name on the Deposit Summary report, which is helpful if you are working with multiple companies.

It’s important to note that QuickBooks 2017 will no longer be supported by Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2011. In addition, Adobe Flash has been removed from the latest version of QuickBooks because of security issues.

Contact me to learn more about the new update and how you can better use QuickBooks for your business.

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